Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cocoon Beads and Tutorial

As I keep exploring with wire and what can it do for my advantages, I created these -what I called as- Cocoon Beads along the way. I like this design very much and have been incorporating them in my design -A LOT-. They're fun, versatile, and easy to make, have this pretty organic touch in it, and they look good almost on everything! I'd like to think that these beads are one of my Signature creations.
They're made of heavily hammered round wire and then coiled to shape. They're that easy!
Here are a few examples of how these beads used on a design:

newest variation of Cocoon BeadsNewest variation of Cocoon Beads and I LOVE IT!
And in the pictures below are the things i did in the past...

sun sparksSun Sparks

clover sherbetClover Sherbet


Believe it or not, this image below is what started it all!

beetle tribeBeetle Tribe
I hope you enjoy these beads as much as I do!! 8D

Interested on learning how to make these beads yourself? I have written a tutorial for it :) Cocoon Beads Tutorial or purchase immediately from my rapid cart below.