Friday, January 30, 2009


My beloved and I came from two different worlds.
I came from a place where it's sunny all year long and he came from a place with one of the coldest winter.
I'm yellow and he's white.
I'm a social butterfly and he's having a hard time in a crowd.
We even live in a complete opposite timezones.
Same hour but his PM is my AM the next day.
But somehow we met in a very unexpected way and we've been a great couple ever since.

Our souls are intertwined.

This necklace was made as a symbol of our relationship. Made with love, Warm and Cold, different but perfect together as one.

I love you, baby.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming Soon!!

A big amount of giveaway is going to be launched on February 1st, 2009. Right here in this blog!


Hold your Valentine's Day Shopping until you see this! :D

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Secret of Successful Network Marketing

Several people are wondering what did I do that I managed to get a FREE RIDE in Art Fire. In any network marketing business, yes, i considered it as network marketing, the most important thing is to know what you're selling. In this case, they're Art Fire's Verified accounts. You want people to join your referrals. You already know the advantages if you did that but what's in it for them? What would they get other than get you a free account for life? Why Art Fire? It's not nice to ask people to do something for your own good so make sure you share all of the privileges they would receive if they become a Verified Member.

Here I composed a list of Dos and Don'ts

1. Enrich yourself with knowledge about the products you're selling. Get involved in the community and actually try the products before you ask other people to join the bandwagon. In this case, your product is Art Fire Verified Memberships. You want people to join under your referrals, to be your "Downlines". What's so good about Art Fire? What makes them different from other selling venues? Learn about the advantages and you're good to go.

2. Believe in what you say. Say it like you mean it. Believe that you share a good place as an alternative to other selling venues. It will show through in your words/letters, believe it or not.

3. Find their hot buttons. Are your friends/people you know looking for a new selling venues? Do they feel like they paid for too much fee? You could ask them if you didn't know.

4. Use only words that give positive vibes. Do not use a negative tone in your invitation.
e.g: "Are you looking for a new selling venue?" would work better as an opening line rather than "I don't know if you would like this but there is a new selling venue that looks good enough". See what I mean? The second line is expressing the lack of knowledge about the product. If you're not sure yourself, how could you expect other people to be sure?

5. Be ready with questions. People are naturally curious and skeptical. So when they ask things about Art Fire, be ready to answer. Do not respond right away if you didn't know the answer, instead, try your best to find the answer from the forums. During my referral hunt, I found that people would really appreciate and most likely would join under your referral if you could answer their curiosities. Always reply to their questions even after they joined. That would be a nice follow up gesture. They would really like that and if you're lucky they might be your new BFF. Invite them to join Art Fire Forum to get more information.

6. Acknowledge them that they could do referrals too in your invitation. Reveal it in your invitation that you'll get a credit if they join and they could do the same if they joined. People won't appreciate it if they found it out later.

7. Take time to contact them one by one. Don't send your invitation in bulk even if the content is the same. By doing this, you will avoid your e-mail get into their spam filters and a little personal touch always make people feel special.

8. Keep track on these new stores that joined because of you and forward their Art Fire stores to Jessica ( just in case you feel you didn't get the credits you deserved.

1. Sulk together. Downline A complained about their new experience in Art Fire. Instead of sharing the negativity together, try to offer them a solution to their problem. Everything has a negative side but it doesn't hurt to stay in the positive side as long as you can. And by offering a solution, you trained yourself to always look at the bright side. Negativity wouldn't bring you any good. Positivity will always get you a new solution to your problems. Again, invite them to be active in the forum. There they could ask the admins for solutions to their problems. Remember that Art Fire is still in Beta stage. But from my experience, the admins has been very responsive and very quick in fixing the bugs.

2. Limit yourself. I often heard people said they didn't have enough friends to complete the referrals. I say don't limit yourself to just friends and family. Make new friends/networks to other sellers and offer them Art Fire. There are so many social networking sites right now it's impossible that you can't find any new friends online.

Everyone! At least everyone that is selling their handmade creations/supplies. You never know who was waiting for it.

So now you need to compose an Invitation. These are things that you need to include in your invitation:
1. Offer them a new selling venue.
2. What's in it for them?
3. Your referral link.
4. A note refers to the importance of using the link to join.
5. That you will get credited if they joined using your link.
6. That they could do referrals too.
7. You could add the number of accounts left to share. This would add a sense of urgency and that they still have a chance to do referrals too.


Disclaimer: I'm clearly not an expert in network marketing, I only shared the tips of my success ;-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Caught A Cold

I got the Cold from my darling sister >_> dammit, I already tried to avoid it but those minuscule viruses kept chasing me and finally got me!!

Ah well, more rest for me..

News flash in my wire wrapping world:

Lately I made little earrings! And they got tinier each time!! I ended up with tiny tiny heart studs! Finally I made something that I'd wear myself. If you're like me and like to wear tiny studs/hoops over those big attention seekers, make sure you watch my store cause I'll be listing them soon in my ArtFire Studio!


Saturday, January 3, 2009


YEAH! that's right! I finished the referral program!!! w00t!! Jessica has lifted up my subscription so now i can use ArtFire for free, unlimited access!! WOO HOO!!

Thought i'd share this with you guys! Not to brag or anything but to provide you proof that the referral program did work!

What are you waiting for?! Get your free account too now! :D

Good luck guys! :DDDD Happy referring!

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