Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unusual Jewelry Tool Organizers

I just recently purchased Mixed Metal Mania: Solder, rivet, hammer, and wire exceptional jewelry by Kim St. Jean to add to my instructional book collection. I have only skimped the book so far, so I cannot comment much on the literature at the moment, but I was fascinated by her vast collection of tools and organizer that are unusual to me. Two of them that caught my attention are a slide top chicken feeder for organizing pliers and Ice Tube Tray for needle files and other hand tools.

I hunt them down and bought a 24 inch slide top chicken feeder from Amazon and a couple of ice tube trays were cheaper on eBay if you wanna buy more than one.

What I found as funny is that Ice Tube Tray got bad reviews on Amazon if used as intended, to make ice cubes, but it got rave reviews from artists who use this ice tray as tool organizers such as artist's brushes! Suggestion for the maker of Ice Tube Tray, sell it as a tool/brush holders! :D

I can see why so many artists clamored the use of it as a tool/brush holders. The construction is solid plastic with solid snapped on bottom, the tubes are big and 3.5 inch tall, perfect for holding brushes and other hand tools. It's also make a good holder for pencils and pens.

My chicken feeder is quickly filled up with my pliers and cutters collection. I can even fit my scrapbooking punches with scissor mechanism. Looks like I may need another chicken feeder soon! I can fit up to two pliers in one hole.

Shows that you can be creative and use everyday, unthinkable items to your advantage if you look hard enough :) Thank you Kim St. Jean for showing us that.