Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Keyword Density is Good SEO

If you are involved in Internet Marketing, the first step you need is Knowing SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. We hear about it a lot but not many people understand it.

For online sellers, if you are worried about your listings' SEO, is a good website to check your website's SEO as a whole or as individual listings. Just copy the URL of the page you want to check (http://www....) and paste it in URL to Check in Site CheckUp page. Don't forget to enter the Security Code shown. Then hit Check button.

The result page will indicate your site's SEO health. You're doing a good job if you're ranking Good to Excellent. Lesser than that, you will need to rework your listings.

Loading time and page structure, Meta tags, and Link integrity are pretty much self explanatory, but some people confused what Keyword Density is. To quote, Keyword density can affect keyword ranking. Too much keyword density (keyword stuffing) can cause your site to be tagged as spam and too little keyword density can cause the search engines to consider the page as not very relevant for those keywords which will result your listings are buried at the back of the page instead of on the first page of search result.. A healthy listing will have to have keyword density between 2% and 5%.

Keyword stuffing is something we want to avoid.

Example of keyword stuffing  
i.e: I want to sell a sterling silver heart necklace.

I want my product to appear when someone search for:  
heart, sterling silver, necklace

Heart Sterling Silver Necklace

Heart sterling silver necklace is shaped like heart and made of sterling silver. this sterling silver heart necklace will make your heart gleaming like sterling silver. sterling silver chain is included with a heart sterling silver pendant. don't miss this heart sterling silver necklace or your heart will cry. This heart sterling silver necklace is so well made by our silversmith. The heart is a beautiful heart made of genuine sterling silver.

silver heart, sterling silver, silver necklace, silver chain

So out of 84 words, the word:
Heart appears 12 times (14%)
Sterling: 10 times (12%)
Silver: 15 times (18%)
Necklace: 6 times (7%)

THAT is keyword stuffing. you use the same keywords over and over again (in the most ridiculous way, most likely). It could also be just a list of repeated keywords over and over again without being a full sentence.

The GOOD WAY of writing your listings is to mention the keywords in the title, description and tags. For example if total words in your listing is 200, mention your main keywords 4 to 10 times (2 - 5%). once in the title, once or twice in tags, and several times on the description, preferably on the top paragraphs.

To make your SEO optimized, use the keywords in a good sense. Make your listings to the point by pointing out the main interests of your designs and use the replacement words, like "it, them", to avoid keyword stuffing.

Example of writing a good listing:

Unique Handmade Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Unique handmade sterling silver heart necklace. There are so many little details on the heart hand carved on a piece of sterling silver sheet that was later domed and soldered together to make this puffed heart shape. The carved design is inspired by Maori's traditional craft. Additional sterling silver chain is included. Handmade clasp made of sterling silver wire compliments the pendant well. This will be a perfect gift for Valentine's day. The perfect way to say "I love you" in the most subtle way. Your lover will appreciate a gift that comes from the heart. This necklace comes in a gift box. Ready for gift giving.

I love custom orders. Contact me if you want to personalize this necklace or have another design in mind. Let me help you visualize your imagination.

sterling silver, heart, love, gift, necklace, handmade, artisan, jewelry, unique, handcrafted, sheet, ....

Total words: 133.
2% of 133 is 3
5% of 133 is 7.
Your main keywords need to appear 3 - 7 times in the listing.
Now let's count how many of your Keywords appear on that listing above:
sterling silver (5 times = 3.7%)
heart (6 times = 4.5%)
love (4 times = 3%)
gift (5 times = 3.7%)
necklace (5 times = 3.7%)
handmade (4 times = 3%)

This way it would sit strong on google search. don't be surprised if you're the first result when someone search for "handmade sterling silver heart necklace" or "handmade heart necklace".

I hope that helps :)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas for 2010

Christmas is coming near. Can you believe it it's only another 40 days before Christmas? Have you found anything for your friends and family or even yourself? What about shopping handmade this year? Check out these great Christmas gift ideas from handmade sellers in and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

What about yourself? Join for free and you can create a collection of things you want for Christmas! Treat it like a wishlist and send the list to your friends and family so you will get what you really wanted for Christmas. Share the link in email, facebook, or twitter so everyone can see. Good thing ArtFire doesn't require membership to buy. Fast, easy, and hassle free!

These are the things in my "wishlist" that I made into a collection in ArtFire.

Looking for handmade jewelry? Maybe you'd find some gift ideas from my shops. These are a list of best sellers from Popnicute and PopnicuteSupplies studios; handmade jewelry and tutorials.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Handmade Christmas Fundraiser for Billy Zurcher

Are you ready shopping for Christmas and at the same time knowing your money will help someone's life? 


Shop for a good cause! 

Fundraiser for Billy Zurcher. You may also know him as Alastar Dragonfly.  DragonflyJewelryDesigns 

A bunch of kind hearted sellers from all around the world have been pooling their items in DragonflyJewelryDesigns and 100% of the proceeds will go to Billy to help him pay for his medical expenses.


A little background story about Billy's medical condition:

Billy has degenerative bone disease with severe back pain. He has had five major back surgeries since 2000. He has a great deal of pain in his neck, mid and low back with radiating pain in his arms and legs. He is rapidly getting worse and is now mostly confined to bed. In 2006 he had a heart attack that left only 17% of his heart still functioning. No further surgery is possible because his heart is too weak to undergo anesthesia. Acupuncture is the only thing that significantly relieves his pain.


And this said Acupuncture service is not cheap. It's more than $800 for a package (for so many sessions). After reading the Story that Pam, Billy's girlfriend, has shared in Beading Daily forum Struggling...some good, some not so good, someone came up with the idea of raising money to help Billy. Dozens of frequent members of Beading Daily forum discussing what would have been the best way to do this. After several good suggestions, we came up to this solution of opening a studio in to sell the jewelry that Pam and Billy have made in the past AND donated jewelry from fellow beaders. We all sure that these moral and monetary supports from good friends will help Billy and Pam going through their tough times and hopefully bring them good health.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be advised that some of the jewelry that are being sold in DragonflyJewelryDesigns may come from another countries, so please read the descriptions thoroughly.


I'm donating my Toggle Clasp Tutorials for Billy and Pam. Please go to this listing page to buy it directly from them.

Toggle Clasp Tutorial by Popnicute - PDF Instruction

However, these tutorials will still be sent from me, so if you wish for immediate respond from me, please forward your proof of payment to my email,, as I do not have access to Billy & Pam's Paypal account. Thanks!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

For Anyone looking to buy me presents for Christmas.. Here's my wish list! Teehee.. All handmade or to be handmade!!

This will be my first Christmas with Steve :) Not sure if we'll be going anywhere, but for sure I will be in the family's photo this year. Here's to a great year =D Have a great Christmas and holiday everyone!