Thursday, November 29, 2012

Celebrities Photographed with Popnicute Jewelry

The end of 2012 is coming fast and I'd like to do a recap of the events I've done with The Artisan Group since the beginning of the year.

On March 2012, I designed this Heart of Drew necklace to be sent to Drew Barrymore, the actress/producer/voice actor/director. It was my first heart design that incorporated creative framing with piercing designs all over it. Also my first heart with a beaded chain necklace. I love this design! It has since become my most popular heart design. If you want to order one, contact me for a quote.

Heart of Drew necklace for Drew Barrymore is part of Popnicute Hearts collection

On June, The Artisan group represented Popnicute at GBK Luxury Gift Lounge for this red carpet event, The 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Popnicute made 6 different designs for Batik Glam Collection to go inside the celebrity gift bags, among them is this Slave Bracelet that Allison Holker was photographed with. Miss Holker kindly sent this photo through her twitter account. She's a really sweet person! We chatted for a bit. Read more celebrity tweets from the events.

Allison Holker in Slave Bracelet by Popnicute. She calls it her "hand candy" :)

Next event was creating this bold Mother of Pearl necklace for Vanessa Lachey on July 2012. She was expecting her first baby with Nick Lachey and I thought mother of pearl would be a perfect jewelry for her. This design was simple but pretty striking. Definitely one of a kind.

Mother of pearl necklace by Popnicute for Vanessa Lachey

On September 2012, about 60 members of The Artisan Group sent their items to the stylist of Pretty Little Liars, a fashionable hit TV show from the ABC Family, for consideration of making an appearance in the show. I made this Rockstar necklace, a very bold and substantial necklace, designed with the lead characters in mind. I'm still waiting to hear if my necklace would make it into the show. Wish me luck! One day my jewelry will be featured in a TV show!!

Rockstar necklace by Popnicute for Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family's hit TV show

On October 2012, another chance to be in a TV show came up. This time, it was for The Vampire Diaries. We sent our items to Leigh Leverett, the stylist of the hit TV show, for consideration of being used in the show. About 13 members out of 80 who participated at this event were already notified that their items got chosen and will be used in certain episodes. How exciting! I'm still waiting for the good news!! I made this Spellbound necklace with Bonnie character in mind.

Spellbound necklace by Popnicute created for The Vampire Diaries, a hit TV show from The CW Network.

On November 2012, here came The 46th Annual Country Music Awards. Our products were represented by The Artisan group and displayed at the backstage, the official gift lounge for the award show! This is huge! 56 well known and A-list artists and performers of The CMA Awards were gifted the celebrity bags, as well as several executives of The ABC networks and CMA Awards. Among the celebrity recipients are Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, and Carrie Underwood, just to name a few. The complete celebrity list can be read in my post about Country Music's Biggest Night. Here below are photos from the award show.

Vince Gill is photographed with Popnicute jewelry, the Shield necklace

 Jenee Fleenor, Blake Shelton's fiddle and guitar player, 
tweeted this picture of her wearing Moon necklace by Popnicute. 
In fact all of these jewelry she's wearing were from TAG celebrity bag 
that she received backstage at The 46th Annual CMA Awards.

On December 2012, Popnicute's Diadema necklace was selected by Audrey Fisher, the costumer designer of True Blood, to appear in HBO's hit TV show in Season 6. What an honor! I will update once I know what episode and who will be wearing Popnicute's Diadema necklace.

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Let me be the first to say, have a wonderful holiday, everyone! CHEERS!