Sunday, March 25, 2012

Popnicute Studio Before After Photos

This blog is due for a new post. Thought I'd share photos of my work bench. A sneak peek to the inside of Popnicute Studio. I admit I'm not the most organized person in the word. It's more of an organized chaos. I know I'm driving my mom and the in-laws crazy with this. But hey, to my defense, my creativity doesn't flow in a sterile environment.

I'm trying to be better but for some reason I just can't organize my desk without mess it up again in the next minute. So what's the point of organizing now, amirite or amirite?

Enjoy the pictures. Play some I Spy, if you'd like! :)

I spy ...... on Popnicute's work bench!

Click the image to view it bigger.

If you're wondering where did I got my scrapbook digital elements, go to my Pinterest and check out the links! LOVE.