Sunday, March 28, 2010

For the Love of Peacock

Peacock is a beautiful animal. Their feathers are beautiful, awesome colors, and their whole figure is elegant. When I saw this peacock bangle, I was inspired to make this spotlight dedicated to Peacock love :) Enjoy a lovely weekend everyone!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The New Merchandizer and PRO Invites



The New Merchandizer
We’re proud to announce the newest Pro member feature on, the ArtFire Merchandizer. The ArtFire Merchandizer allows you to set the order of your items with an easy drag and drop interface. You can set up your front page or re-order your entire studio to give your shoppers the exact visual experience you want.
But wait that’s not all!
Unlike other marketplace arrangement tools online, the Merchandizer allows you to arrange the order of each of your studio categories as well. This way you have TOTAL control over your studios appearance and can ensure that each category your shopper views will be arranged just the way you like it. You can read the help guide by clicking here, or just go straight to the ArtFire Merchandizer via this link

This is another reason to go PRO! I was one of the Maven team that tested out this new Merchandizer tool while it was under developement. AF team has done a great job smoothing out the bugs and kinks found in the developing stages. Now it works perfectly like a charm. This Merchandizer tool is very intuitive to use. You can enable and disable it whenever you want. Once you're playing with it, you'll see how fun this tool is.

Btw, if you're dying to go PRO in ArtFire, you still have the chance to lock the membership plan at $12/month. That is a savings of $3.95 per month! Current rate without invitation is $15.95/month. This offer can be used by new and existing basic members. I have 10 special invites to share. Contact me if you're interested. Remember, members who lock in this rate and maintain their membership will never have to pay an increased amount! No matter what the sign-up rate goes up to.

* Note: This sign-up offer is not available to current Pro members. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Only good for 90 days since this promo was launched on March 1st.

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