Friday, May 15, 2015

How to Build A Cheap Pedestal Table for Jewelry Booth in Art Shows

First of all, I want to thank Robin Ragsdale for the idea of using plastic garage shelves as jewelry display tables. We are all familiar with the folding tables and probably have used them at one point but plastic shelves? Who would've thought? But they sure make a great display table that mimics the more expensive model by Armstrong. We're talking about $50 vs $200 a table here.

Also read: Art/Craft Show Checklist. The complete list of things you need to bring to your shows.

This set up won me Best Newcomer award at Springfield, IL Edwards Place Fine Art Fair in 2014. 

Here's the list of what you need for making these jewelry display pedestal tables:

1. Plastic garage shelves. Approximately $30-40 for a 5-tier set (18" x 36" x 72"). I purchased 3 sets and those can make 4-5 sets of tables depending on whether you used a shelf at the bottom or not. $105.

2. Indoor/outdoor carpet/area rug or any fabric to your liking. I recommend heavyweight non-stretchy fabric. They wrap better and look nicer. These carpets I bought, each one could make 2 wraps (3' x 8') so I purchased 2 of them. $16.

3. 2" Elastics and sticky back velcro if you use carpet like I did. I stapled the velcro to the elastic for an extra reinforcement. Smooth side attached to the elastic and the catchy side on the carpet. I cut the 2" elastic about 1 foot each and stack 2 of them for stability and more holding power.

4. Edge glued pine board, 24" x 36", ($18 each) and I stained them. Alternatively, you can also use Ikea Linnmon tops but we didn't have Ikea nearby and I wanted a stained wood look instead of laminate tops.

Now for the actual set up, here's the step by step pictorial:

All stacked and (was) wrapped up with ratchet straps for easy carry.

3 sets of 5 tier plastic garage shelves could make 4 jewelry display tables with the bottom shelves attached or 5 tables with the bottom removed. Each makes a 36" tall table which is the perfect height for shows.

Carpet up next. Decided to use only 3 pedestal tables this time.

Stained wood tops are placed on top. Those trapezoid bed risers turned upside down and used as display table risers.

Ta-da! Looking sharp, ain't it?! 
Photo above was from my 3rd show in December 2014.

I got so many compliments on this setup and they told me my booth looked very professional. Hard to believe it was only a second show for Popnicute. Thanks, Robin!

With approximately $200, the same amount of money of ONE Armstrong table, you get FOUR to FIVE professional looking tables. Great deal, I say! Even if you ever decided to quit doing shows, these shelves could be used for storage :) None wasted, really.

This Silver Popnicute Heart was the star in both shows but now has sold. Want one? Contact me ;)


  1. Great Tut Kharisma- I've used this method too and was happy with it. I may switch to using the base as you did for a bit more stability. I used the IKEA linnmon in white but I stapled on a burlap cover in keeping with my theme. I'm sure this blog post will rocket to viral fame and we will see many more 'pedestals' in use in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Tammie! Yes, I love these pedestals. Pretty lightweight for how sturdy they are. I did not think of covering the table top at that time but honestly, stapling leather/burlap would be much easier and less time consuming than staining and applying multiple coats of polyurethane. LOL.

  3. Thanks for sharing all those details. I love the idea of using the elastic!

  4. Fabulous tut! How do you attach the Velcro/elastic to the shelving units? Also, do they completely dismantle when you pack them up?

  5. @Mimi: I only attached the elastics to the carpet and they are held up by the tension. And yes, they will dismantle completely during transport. I rolled the carpet together and tie the shelves with ratchet straps.

  6. PS: You can try using the cable organizer velcro and attach it to the holes of the shelving to attach to the carpet for more holding power if you think the tension alone isn't as reliable as you'd like.

  7. You may just have saved my festival booth! Thank you for this!

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  9. Thank you so much! This is great. I've been using shelves (those sort of "country craft" looking slatted folding ones that I painted dark brown and paid a fortune to have them outfitted with LED tape lighting but I'm feeling like I need to upgrade to a more professional looking booth and I'm considering pedestals, this makes for a much more palatable upgrade - it's a nominal amount to spend to try it out at a show and see how it goes.

  10. This is such a great idea! I'm just starting to try selling my jewelry at art fairs, and I feel overwhelmed with all the equipment I need! Ideas like this really make our lives easier, especially when our budget is limited, but we don't want to sacrifice looking good and professional. Thanks, Kharisma!

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  14. I just purchased supplies to make this this weekend. I only found boards at Ikea that measured 39 x 23". Will that be too big???? Thanks.

  15. Hi! So glad I stumbled upon this. Question, do you leave them assembled? Or, do you easily assemble and break them down for load in and load out?

    1. Hi Ayana. I break them down every time. It's very easy to do. Leaving them assembled would take so much space in the van. I tie everything as a group with a couple of ratchet straps for easy transporting.

  16. Anyone tried to weigh these down for outoor shows? If so, how?

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