Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angela's Adornments

Angelas_Adornments offers wire wrapped handmade jewelry from sterling silver and gold filled. Designing jewelry isn't her only talent. She's also good at painting with watercolors! Amazing realistic flower original paintings you will find at her store.

More of her products..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Artfire Now Offers $12/month FOR LIFE Deal!

After their huge success of getting 5,000 $7/month sign ups, now Art Fire offers a (still) lowered subscription fee of $12/month from the initial plan which is $20/month. The $12/month subscription fee is for life, the fee will stay the same forever. They do this to support the economy. I think that's a nice of them and it's really worth it to open an online shop for a low fee like that.

What is Art Fire?
Art Fire is a handmade marketplace that works for you. You can sell anything handmade items assembled by you, handmade art, fine art, crafts and collectibles. Supplies and vintage items that support handmade artists needs. Design and media items which the member/designer actively participated in the creative process.

Do your products fit the description above?

With that price, you'll get:
  • Unlimited listing for your store. You can list as many product as you want and there are no listing fee. Imagine how much money you can safe on listing!
  • Up to 10 photos/listing for Verified Members. This is extremely useful for those with high detail products.
  • Virtually unlimited place for tagging. The CEO even encouraged us to tag our products with as many related words we can think of. This will help the internet spider find your product on search. Read this for more tips on tagging.
  • ArtFire will submit your products to Google Base and we also get statistic that you can view on your ArtFire page and further detailed statistic on Goggle Analytics.
  • Their Rapid Cart is doubled as a Shop Window and Cash Register.
  • Read this for more reason why we love ArtFire so much! I personally really love it there with all of their nice response and attitude and innovations on online shopping experience!
  • A Personalized Fusion Studio. Big banner, customized theme and colors, add html, videos, and many more to your studio. This is something other handmade venues do not offer yet.
  • And many more!
Trust me, $12/month is so worth it. It's probably less money than what you spend for your morning coffee/month.

Most of all, ArtFire still have their Free For Life program going on! Get 10 sign ups to get your free account for life!

So don't pass this good deal and Register on ArtFire for 12/month now.

Tips on getting a free ride
More tips on getting a free ride.

Register on ArtFire for 12/month now! Tell them that popnicutesupplies sent you ;)

Please tell me if you signed up using my referral. I'll add you to my market <3


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deronda Designs

DerondaDesigns is a self representing lampwork artist. Not only she makes artisan glass beads, but her studio offers business card holders, night light covers, coasters, and cute critters made of glass and fused glass as well. Take a peek at her colorful studio and you'll fall in love with her designs. Great value for your money :)

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Top 9 Featured Friday 05/22

1. Raver
2. Origami
3. Premium
4. Garden
5. Amethyst
6. Sunshower
7. Alien
8. Hippie
9. Triangles

Pick a favorite for this week, leave a comment with link to your ArtFire Studio to be featured next Friday :)

She Designs Jewelry

She Designs Jewelry is having a 25% off sale!! She has the most affordable prices ever. You will find a lot of items under $10, some even as low as $3.75! So what are you waiting for? This sale won't last forever!! Only through the end of May that is :)

More of her jewelry..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bead All About It

Bead All About It. What's there not to love? This shop is full of beads!! From Mookaite chips to Murano style lampwork pendants, multicolor freshwater pearls, Vintaj brass, and a lot of other semi precious gemstone beads! Beads beads beads and beads all in good price. Jewelry maker beware, you might spend money on this shop! Haha. Beadallaboutit has a brick and mortar bead shop in Duncannon, Pensylvania. So they might have all the beads you want but not listed (yet) on their ArtFire studio.

More of their beads..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Debvandetdesigns has quite an eclectic studio. You will find lots of interesting stuffs in it. From unique decoupage switch plates to handmade journals and jewelry made of new and recycled materials. I love her switch plates. I think they're awesome. As well as her handmade journals. I love how they all have rounded corners. Something you don't often see on the handmade sections ;) Her journals all look very cool, neatly made, and come with their own color coordinating pens! How cool :D

More of her products..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Top 9 Featured Friday 05/15

1. Blue

Pick a favorite, leave a comment with your Artfire studio link to stand a chance to get featured next Friday :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Michigan Mud

Michigan Mud specializes in stamped polymer clay and ceramic. This studio is full of little ornaments and rings. At $2.50 a piece, this surely a hard price to beat! Go check out this store for fun little trinkets at very affordable prices :)

More of her products..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All About ArtFire That We Love

I will try to sum up what's going on in ArtFire (AF) and how we could improve our online shops together. Others who have other tips also are welcomed to add.
So we are now pretty acknowledged about We're aware of the general idea that it's an online marketplace, a selling venue for handmade, craft supplies, and vintage sellers. But what are the advantages of becoming a (paying) member and how could we generate more sales for our online handmade/craft supply/vintage stores?

1. No Additional Fee besides the Low Monthly Fee. It's like having your own website with all of the support staffs for practically nothing. And what does low monthly fee mean? It means you can sell your products for lower price (or more profit), gained more customers without having to pay high bills. 

2. Google Analytics. Make sure you guys who signed up with AF activating this feature. Find it under MY ARTFIRE > MY STATS. There you will find a link to sign up to Google Analytics. Follow the instructions carefully and when you got the code asked, submit it in AF. What would we get from GA? We'd get the complete stats about how many people visited our AF stores, how long did they stay there, which site brought more traffics, etc. I think it would be useful after it's running for a few months. We could consider which sites are better for our ads placement or which forums are worth to keep up with, which ones to leave.

3. Google Base. Now AF automatically fed our products submitted in AF to Google Base. The best part is that we need to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They do it for us. List and watch our products appear on Google Product Search. Back in Etsy, We needed to do it manually with the help of LetsEts to create the .xml file. After that we need to upload the XML file to GB. I tried this and possibly because of my slow connection all attempts were failed. 5 hours of loading ended up with a failure notice. it sucked! So I'm really happy that AF provided this for us :D To make sure your ArtFire listings are submitted to Google Base, activate it in My Gbase Feed.

4. Google Alerts. The staffs recommended us to use this. By using Google Alerts, we'll get e-mail notifications about who searched for our names/store names in web, who featured us in their blogs, etc. Read more about it here for more info. It's a pretty cool feature.

5. Search by Relevancy and Randomized Category Browsing. Search function in ArtFire is based on relevancy of search terms. So months old listings can be very well appear at the first page of search if they were the most relevant to the search keywords. You don't need to keep re listing items in order to get seen by buyers. Browsing through Categories will bring random results. Maximize your Search Engine Optimization, views and sales will come. Check this independent blog to see where AF ranked in between all of those handmade selling venues. It's in the top 20 already! Scrap that, it's in the TOP 10 now! Updated information in September 2, 2009.

6. One page listing. Everyone who has a shop in Etsy would know that there are 5 steps to accomplish spread in 5 pages to list a product. It's not bad, only it's becoming pretty annoying when you want to edit something. In AF they offered one page listing which is very easy to use and pretty organized too. I like that. Gotta love their bulk uploader too. Editing a product would bring you to the same page. The downside is that there's no delete button, yet, for images and you can't swap the order of the images as easy as in Etsy. If you want to change a picture, you have to overwrite that particular image by uploading another picture in that particular slot.

7. 10 pictures per listing (PRO). This feature is only for Verified Members. This is very generous of them. I can't even fill all of the slots given each time but it's certainly better than just 4 images allowed for Basic Accounts. This would come in handy when you have one complicated item that you need a lot of detail shots for the customers to see. As of October 2009, all Basic Accounts get unlimited listings (up to 4 pictures/listing), no limitations, no fees, no kidding.

8. Unlimited place for tags. Tags are important. Other than item's title, tags are the most important feature that would bring buyers to you. They're what make an item shows up in search. So start tagging your pictures accordingly and as detailed as possible.
What needs to be in your tags. Think as you are the buyer. How would you search for an item if you need them? Read more detailed tips on writing titles, descriptions, and tags here.

9. Forum. Their built in forum is a great place full of information. The information could come from anybody, either the AF President, Staffs, experienced sellers, newbies. Most of the times questions would be answered pretty quick! A great place to learn about the business too from blog posts and forum posts. People love to share there. So make sure you'll be a part of the community. Some sellers would also offer discounts or other special promotion for other AF members. Almost everything i know now i learned from their forum. (PRO) Pro members items are now loaded randomly on the forum's side bar! Talk about free advertising!

-----LATEST UPDATES ON FEB 27,2009------
10. No Account Checkout! Fairly New feature that was launched on Feb 2009. Basically now you don't even need an account in ArtFire to buy from ArtFire sellers! Isn't it convenience? No more usernames and passwords to remember. In two days since this feature was launched it was reported that the sales already increased by 45%. Now that's awesome! Buyers will enjoy this feature as much as the sellers.

11. Rapid Cart (PRO). This revolutionary addition to follow No Account Checkout feature. Now sellers can have a little bit of their store in their blogs or personal websites or any social networking sites that allow html/javascript codes. Buyers don't even need to visit their ArtFire Studios to be able to purchase. Just click the Buy button on this Rapid Cart box and you're done! 28 seconds checkout process. Easy peasy. FOR SELLERS: find this Rapid Cart application in your MY ARTFIRE > PROMOTE.

------LATEST UPDATES ON MAY 13, 2009------
12. Social Media Badges. On the left hand panel of every listing page, you will see these Twitter, Vote Handmade, Kaboodle, and several others. What are they? They will help you spreading the word about your listings in one click. Pretty cool, huh? Now promoting is getting easier.

13. Fully Customized Studio (PRO). This feature is now LIVE! Check out my fully customized studio :D Go to your MY ARTFIRE to get started.

14. Get the Chance to be a Free Rider. Sell for absolutely Free for you and a friend. Learn how in here. (This Promo has ended)

15. No listing/relisting game. You don't need to keep re listing/renew your items to get seen. Every time you start a new search, items displayed on the first page would be the most relevant items to your search keywords NOT based on the recently listed.

16. Market Hubs. In Market Hubs You can link to all other sites you may have. Like to your Facebook Fan Page, Youtube, Etsy, personal website, blog, etc.

17. Multiple item quantities (PRO). Another great feature from ArtFire! When you list in quantities (say 5), if you had an item sold, once marked as paid, the rest will get automatically re-listed and go back up to the front page. Really convenient and a time saver! Read The Benefits of Listing in Multiple Quantities | Read Sales higher w/ Quantity item listings!

------LATEST UPDATES ON AUGUST 26, 2009------
18. ArtFire Kiosk (PRO). Now this is a ground breaking Facebook application that you SHOULD install on your personal and fan pages! It works like Rapid Cart so now you have a fully running ArtFire store in your Facebook! How awesome is that?! It's like having yet another store with only one control panel. LOVE IT! Learn more about ArtFire Kiosk here.

------LATEST UPDATES ON AUGUST 28, 2009------
19. Coupon Code (PRO). OH YEAH! Need I say more? ;) Learn how to make and install coupon code here.

20. Multiple Payment Options. ArtFire has integrated four different payment options; Paypal, RME, Google Checkout, and the last addition was Amazon Payments. Now sellers and buyers have more options than ever and these are all integrated in ArtFire System. Sellers don't have to send separate invoice if their customers select one among these four. ArtFire handles everything for you :)

------LATEST UPDATES ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2009------
21. Global Product Editor (PRO). A great help especially near the holiday season. Now you can batch edit shipping, tags, titles, etc. Very helpful! Find it here.

22. Etsy Importer (PRO). Want to try out ArtFire but reluctant because you have a million listings in Etsy? With this Etsy Importer tool, you will be able to move your listings in seconds. Test it here. IMPORTANT: Google dislikes duplicate content and if left the same as the item on etsy, will probably penalize the listing, which will send it to the bottom of SERPS. The best plan is to try and target different keywords for each listing. As of 12/20/10, Artfire has launched The New Etsy Item Importer that utilizes the .CSV file of your Etsy inventory.  The new importer also adds a staging area where you can select, categorize, and edit each listing that you'd like to import.

------LATEST UPDATES ON OCTOBER 24, 2009------
23. Amazon Wish List. Amazon Wish List button is integrated in every ArtFire listing. Anyone can wish-list anything from any store in ArtFire and share their wish lists to friends and family. No more unwanted gifts received! :)

24. ArtFire Blog (PRO). Google loves blog. Blogs are often ranking higher than personal websites. So why not bring your Blog closer to your shop? Or better yet, inside your shop? That's what ArtFire did.

------LATEST UPDATE ON MARCH 27, 2010------
25. Merchandizer (PRO). Reorganize your shop the way you like it! Very easy to use! Awesome new tool was launched on 03/26/2010. For Firefox users, this tool only compatible with version 3.6 and newer. Download Firefox 3.6.

------LATEST UPDATE ON JULY 2, 2010------
26. The launch of The ArtFire 45 Day Success Guide for Sellers 'nuff said. :)

27. Certified Handmade Artifact. All ArtFire sellers whose studios only sell handmade products can apply to be certified handmade. Give your buyers a confidence boost to shop with you. Certified Handmade Artifact Application.

28. Jo-ann VIP Cards for Every ArtFire Members. To claim your Jo-Ann VIP card please visit this page

------LATEST UPDATE ON AUGUST 6, 2010------
29. ArtFire Collection. The new ArtFire collection engine is live for the general ArtFire community. With the new collection engine you can curate your own assortment of items found on Artfire to create cohesive and visually stunning assemblages of products for sale on ArtFire. Other than offering a great new way to browse items on ArtFire, the new collection engine will eventually power the front page of ArtFire. Create a new collection!

------LATEST UPDATE ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2010------
30. ArtFire Guide for Etsy Sellers. ArtFire rolls differently than Etsy. Since the majority of sellers also have had Etsy accounts, ArtFire tries to help your transition. Read ArtFire Guide for Etsy Sellers here.

------LATEST UPDATE ON OCTOBER, 2010------
31. Check-In on ArtFire. ArtFire Check-Ins gives you an easy way to show the world you are attending to your ArtFire studio.  With just one click of the "Check-In' button located in your My ArtFire dashboard, you'll be letting everyone who browses your studio know you have Checked-in today. A great tool to spot on abandoned studios.

32. Manage Billing Page. Exclusive feature for those who signed up to $5.95/month and $9.95/month deal. If you're curious about how to use the new billing page you can checkout their new Help Guide that breaks down the elements of the My Billing Page in more detail.  You can find your "My Billing Info" page under your "My Account" section of your My ArtFire.

33. If You're from Etsy... Check this If You're from Etsy... help guide to help you start your business in ArtFire.

34. Shop Local on ArtFire! Now you can shop based on location. Support your local sellers :)

35. ProPay Integrated. ArtFire has made a deal with ProPay to have an onsite credit card processor. You can sign up for a better yearly fee for Propay in ArtFire to Integrate Pro Pay in 2011. And if you have an existing Propay account, you can contact them to upgrade your account to ArtFire seller's special rate. Limited to US and Canada residents for now.

------LATEST UPDATE ON JULY, 2011------
36. New Checkout System. Modernized and streamlined! Try it early. This new checkout system eliminates Non-Payment Buyers as no order will be submitted until it's paid.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Alisuns Too; Always Two for Won

AlisunsToo is the store where in order to give good homes to unused supplies and vintage pieces (some were made 30 years ago) you Always Get Too For Won.

Here is the simple Too rule. Buy an item. Shop for another item OR ITEMS that equal the purchase price. Pay the shipping price ONLY if it weighs more than 13 oz.

That's it. Have fun shopping!

More of her products..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Absolutely Amy

Absolutely Amy offers a variety of vintage and handcrafted items as well as the occasional supply item. She's also kindly donating $2 for every purchase of her Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet you can find in her ArtFire studio. If you need a soap saver bag, Absolutely Amy will crochet it for you. Look at all those cute colors of her crochet soap bags! They also good to use as facial scrubby. She also has offered JFK's authentic promotional campaign pins for collectors. Interesting things in her shop I must say :)

More of her products..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips on Creating Ads

I'm a professional graphic designer and here are several things I learned in the past about creating ads.
In this post, the ads I'm talking about is 125 x 125 px web ads in particular. When creating ads, you have to have several things in mind:
1. Will your buyer recognize the items in your ad? Like if they see it for the first time will they think of buying? "ooh, beads!" *click*
Any ad should be able to convince buyer in 2 seconds or they'll pass your store. Yes, 2 seconds, people.
2. Interesting colors. Interesting colors should help buyers noticing your ads.
3. Legible text. All text must be legible especially in that tight, tiny space. What's the use of using pretty fonts if they're not readable?
4. Less is more. In such tight space, simplicity is the way to go. make sure your pictures are clear, fonts are clear with minimal effect. Not too much text. Just enough to decribe your items/stores.
5. Show your best item, not all. Again, remember it's only 125 x 125 px. Maybe you have the most wonderful items in the world, but if you insisted on showing 50 items in 125 x125 space, let me tell you, it's not going to happen. Your items will be too small to anyone to even make out what they were. So showing off one or two best items in the way to go. Close up views are sometimes better.
6. Brighten your pictures. Dark pictures are less appealing than bright pictures. Even if your photos already in great lighting, sometime you still need to brighten them up a bit once shrunk to 125 x 125 px. This is totally optional.

These are example pictures of what i preached above:
The first picture is my old picture of my Toggle Clasp listing. It's dark, and not really shows the font well when shrunk to 125 x 125 px.

This pic below is my second one. I brightened it up, colors became more interesting, but the text is not too legible still.

Now this third picture is my current listing. it's a cropped version of the above picture, close up to the toggle clasp only, and I added yellow background for the text, and voila! In a single glance everything is clear and readable within 2 seconds.
toggle clasp tutorial by popnicute

I hope these little tips help! :D
Happy creating!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Top 9 Featured Friday 05/08

1. Cherry Blossom
2. Be Mine
3. Vintage Suede
4. Celestial Yarn
5. Magnolia Smiles
6. Red Crystals
7. Sweetheart Ring
8. Alex Mason
9. Kumihimo Spiral

Tell me which one's your favorite for this week. Leave a comment with link to your Artfire Studio to be featured on next Friday.


Suzbax is a retired pediatric nurse. She began making jewelry 5 years ago and have been selling them through word of mouth ever since. Her jewelry are simple and will be fitting for adorning your everyday outfit. She picked some interesting choice of stones and combined them together to create unique piece of jewelry. Like the one i featured above, pretty, isn't it? I love the combination of white Turquoise and Leopard Jasper. They look great together. A matching bracelet also available in her studio. Go visit her studio for more jewelry goodness :)

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