Kharisma Sommers is a self-taught artist. With a degree in Art (Graphic Design) from the Petra Christian University of Surabaya, Indonesia, Kharisma brings an abundant array of eclectic and artistic approaches to her jewelry making practice. She has an eye for detail and prides herself on the durability of her jewelry. 
Kharisma lives with her husband, Steven in the middle of nowhere (Quincy, IL) with hopes that someday they will be able to move into a bigger city with less snow and preferably with a beach nearby. 

Kharisma loves doing custom orders, especially the ones which she's in total control, where she can totally express herself. Provide her with hints, ideas, and let her do the rest. Popnicute is a way to translate her creative ideas through an artistic form of handmade jewelry. Popnicute is where you go to find top quality handcrafted unique jewelry gifts for you and your loved ones made by yours truly. In Popnicute Supply you will find her tutorials and digital sawing templates. Quality is never compromised.

Kharisma speaks both Indonesian and English fluidly.