Monday, January 11, 2016

Introducing Popnicute Hearts New Website

Popnicute Hearts collection is a signature heart pendant design of Popnicute Jewelry and handmade by me, Kharisma R. Sommers. The first prototype was created on January 2010 and have since continued to be a customer's favorite. As per 2016, Popnicute Hearts pendants/necklaces can be purchased through it's own website,

Popnicute Hearts employ a method that I have developed in my studio to frame a big heart pendant without using any solder. It's held in place by combining flattened sheet metal and wire wrapped netting design to create an organic looking bezel. This handmade heart pendant design is available as single-sided and reversible pendants. 

Since each heart pendant will be designed to customer's specification, Popnicute Hearts website is fashioned to accommodate this demand. To order a pendant from the website, there are two simple steps to follow: First you need to select a stone and a design with personalization as an option.

For a one-sided heart pendant, the price starts at $170.
For a reversible heart pendant, the price starts at $200.
Pick your favorite stone here: Heart Stones

To order a completely new design, please contact me through the contact button.

For a complete list of Heart Pendants I've made in the past, go see it on facebook. Here are a few examples of heart designs that you can find in the website. (Stone price of $75 is not included in the price of the pendant frame).

1. Basic One-sided Heart Pendant with Wire Rosette

$95 (frame) + $75 (stone)

2. Basic Reversible Heart with Initial.

$95 (frame) + $75 (stone) + $20 (initial)

Reversible Heart pendant with Initial on the back

3. Seahorse Heart. A sample of an animal frame.

$275 (frame) + $75 (stone)

4. Heart of DrewA double sided pendant complete with chained necklace. An elaborate heart design made for Drew Barrymore.

$275 (frame) + $75 (stone)

5. Steampunk Winged HeartUsing a combination of techniques: wire wrapping, riveting, etching. A statement piece.

$275 (frame) + $75 (stone)

Winged Heart

6. Reversible Steampunk Winged HeartUsing a combination of techniques: wire wrapping, riveting, etching. A statement piece.

$350 (frame) + $75 (stone)

Reversible Steampunk Winged Heart - front
Reversible Steampunk Winged Heart - back

Besides stone heart pendants, you will also find heart pendants and necklaces that are made of metal at in Sans Stones collection. Like this design below:

7. Winged Heart - The Mini.

**All prices are subject to change without prior notice**

All designs are copyrighted solely to Kharisma Ryantori Sommers of Popnicute. 
© 2010 Kharisma Ryantori Sommers. All rights reserved.

Custom orders and personalized jewelry purchases are non-refundable.

I reserve the right to make reproductions of my designs unless you want to pay a fee to own a one-off designs.

If you have any problems with your custom order, please contact me right away. I will assess the situation and make it right for you.

Thank you for supporting handmade!