Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Made Sales!

Last Sunday has proven itself to be a very good day. There was a quite big family gathering with cousins, second cousins and such to celebrate my grandma's sister's & husband of their 72nd wedding anniversary! You heard it right! Seventy second! Quite a record huh?

This kind of family gathering usually boring, i must say.. Not much to do and say for the youngins. The older party got all the fun XD But last Sunday was different! Great food overall. I got me 2 portions of Almond Pudding, and then iced Durian fruit so it tasted like ice cream (yum!!), and brought some of the cake home :D ah.. heaven.. XD

But to top all of that, I sold three of my jewelries. I brought them along to show my aunt and cousin who usually also helped me redistributing them. They work in fashion industry. I asked my cousin whether she would like to see my jewelries now after we finished eating. So we entered the guest room which was empty and start to dig on my stuffs. Later on her mom joined us, and then the other ladies were coming too.. It was like bees on honey XD Ah, it was so much fun.. ;) I also got several possible orders.

If this was how a Jewelry Party look like, I'm totally gonna love it! :D


Double Helix
Double Helix
Peacock Swirl
Peacock Swirl
Beach Memory
Beach Memory


Enchanted Tree Necklace
Enchanted Tree Necklace ~ went to NZ
Winter Moon
Winter Moon - will go to Singapore


Purple Heart
Purple Heart ~ moved to the USA


Amoeba Flower
Amoeba Flower ~ the necklace, not the girl. LOL

Yays! Thanks to those who bought my stuffs :D

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