Monday, February 16, 2009

Kumihimo and Magazine Bag and Stamps Bulk Order

I just found some other outlets to feed my creative side. I love braiding and I'm happy that i found Kumihimo. Kumihimo is Japanese braiding technique. I bought my first Kumihimo kit online from Dyeing For Fabrics and Threads. Their Kumihimo disk is from wood, no numbers on it but it's quite easy to follow the instruction enclosed with the disk. I bought 1 disk and 3 tutorials from them. I like making the round braid the most so far.. Flat braid is rather hard to get an even tension though after a while you'll get used to it and start getting better. Doing the flat braid was twice longer than doing the round one which took me about an hour to finish a 8 inch long bracelet. I'm not too crazy about the square braid either. I think I can live without. But it's always nice to try something new :) I might add Kumihimo braids to my jewelry collection.

Besides Kumihimo-ing, I tried making a bag from old magazine cuts. Verrrrrrry time consuming! I think i spent about 3 days just to get one finish! 20+ hours just to get a 6" x 5" x 2" bag finished. and that only the body, no handles yet. I think I may use this for a pencil stand or something. It only fits one folded wallet and two cellphones. My bad for making it too small. If you're dying to try for new stuffs, go to Candy Wrapper Purse blog for the complete instruction. It's fun to make! And by doing it, you're helping the environment by recycling your old magazine or chips bags. Go green!

Btw, for you jewelry artists, is gathering orders for Infinity Stamps. They've got a good deal of discount for Custom Alphabet Stamps and Numbers if at least 20 people participated. $214/set for 26 letters (the font and size of your choice, upper or lower case) and $285 for a set of 26 letters + 10 numbers. This is a very good deal since without this bulk discount, the Custom Alphabet Stamp set itself is priced at $359.50 and Custom Number Stamp Set is at $155. Go visit Fundametals and lock your spot for only $5 down payment. When they're ready to order, then you'll get contacted to finish the payment. If you later decided to cancel your order, you will get your $5 refunded. No string attached.

That's all folks!

*back to Kumihimo-ing*

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