Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Wish Comes True - Artfire & Amazon Wish List

Artfire never ceased to amazed me! Now you can easily compile a Wish List using Amazon Wish List. Artfire has implemented the Wish List button in every listing :D Read the official announcement below.

Amazon Wish List Option
Members can now add favorite items from ArtFire to an Amazon Wish List with our Universal Wish List button, found on the left of listings (excluding mature items, which are against Amazon’s TOS). This feature puts together a linked list of items from ArtFire that can be emailed to friends and family members. Members should note that there is a minor bug with Amazon regarding the URL, so if you click the Add to Universal Wish List link without being logged in, you will not be redirected to the wish list option on Amazon. We’ve already contacted Amazon about this error, but for now, make sure you’re logged in to Amazon before clicking the link. Wish lists are fun and super easy to make, but in case you need a little help, we’re working on putting together a help guide, which should be posted on the site shortly, so stay tuned!

To use this Wish List button, first you need to have an account in Sign up or sign in to your account so your wishes will be recorded. Go to your favorite store in ArtFire and start wish listing and let the world know what you've wished for! :D Once you're done, simply send your Wish List through e-mail to your friends and family using the Share button in your Wish List page. Maybe a Wish List for this Christmas or an upcoming baby shower or a wedding! Get only gifts that YOU like.

This is my Wish List, mind you that I'm not done yet ;)

How to Wish List in ArtFire:

1. Find that button in a listing. It's on the left side of every listing picture. Click that button when you found a favorite.

2. After you click that, a pop up window will appear within the listing page (See image below. Click to expand). Enter the price of the item, and hit Add To List button.

3. If you still want to browse for something else, close the Wish List window by hitting the X button on upper right corner.

4. Find the Wish List in your Amazon and share the list to friends and family through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Click image to expand.

If you have any questions, ask away :)

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