Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top 9 Angel Keepsakes

Angels, angels, and angels! I love Angels! I even have a whole studio section dedicated for my angels.

Here are a select 9 angels that would be some nice keepsakes! Angels are perfect gifts for Christmas or any other occasion. I mean, who doesn't like angels, right?

Pick a favorite and leave a comment with link to your Artfire Studio to be included on next Friday's featuring.

All items have been submitted to Vote Handmade and Twitter as well :) Vote please!

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  1. They are all adorable! But I have to say my overall favorite is from My Magic Me. I just LOVE her work!

    ~ Mischelle

  2. They are all so lovely, it's hard to choose! Maybe the angel doggie, because it has such a cute little face :)

  3. I would say my favorite is the stained glass angel. Beautiful.

  4. They are great Kay! For me it's almost a toss up between the baby & the puppy dog. Being a dog nut the puppy wins (barely). Lovely stained glass, reminds me of how much more I need to do!

  5. Love the picks! But I think my favorite is the Angel Fallen print. Very nice!