Friday, August 13, 2010

10 Ways To Be Featured In A Collection

Since has publicly launched their Collection Engine a week ago on August 6th, 2010, almost a thousand collections has been created. This is a huge promotional tool and it's spreading like fire! You don't want to miss this. Be in a collection or more and get the attention you deserve. Some members claimed that their views doubled ever since being included in collections. Some others sold their items featured in others collections.

Everyone can be in a collection as long as you have a product to sell in ArtFire. Pro and Basic members have the same chance to be in a collection but Pro only Collections will have the chance to be featured on the Front Page of The amount of exposure is incredible. Eight hours of front page exposure per select collection(!) if everything goes as planned.

10 Ways To Be Featured In A Collection
  1. Have great products.
  2. Have great pictures. Learn how to get great pictures. Good photos will score you more collections. That's a fact.
  3. Create a Collection
  4. Feature your own products and post it on your blog.
  5. Feature others products. Some will return the favor and you'll score more collections.
  6. Include dominant colors of your products in your tag. Like many others, I often create Collections based on color schemes.
  7. Have clear titles and descriptions. Learn how to write good titles and descriptions.
  8. Join an active Guild or more.
  9. Create joint Collections. i.e: featuring items from your Guilds or a group of sellers. Group promo is always better.
  10. List more products. The more products, the better chance your items fit in someone's collection.

Here are a few samples of Collections I made.

Check the rest of Collections I've created in Popnicute and PopnicuteSupplies



  1. Sadly a harsh fact is to be a pro seller. There are benefits to an all pro collection, so being pro gives you a much better chance.

  2. Your collections are beautiful!
    I love your works too. Really artistic.

  3. @Fantasy Clay: Not sad, but another push to be a Pro seller. I mean, look at all of the benefits! The subscription price is so worth it!

    @Dita Maulani: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my work! ^^

  4. Kay, what a great point to have the primary color in the item description. I hadn't thought of that one. If someone is looking to put together a 'Blue' collection they might not find my cool blue stuff on a search.


  5. @Shannon: I'm glad this post was useful for you. Including colors is quite crucial, imo. Some people might shop based on colors too. I know I do when I'm looking for something specific!

  6. Ooh, Collections look awesome on your blog. Need to make myself work on some more and post one in my blog....thinking about a weekly plan for them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful collections and great advice (as always)!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  8. Your collections are fabulous!

  9. Thanks for the compliments y'all :D you made my day ^^ I'm happy this post was useful.