Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Caught A Cold

I got the Cold from my darling sister >_> dammit, I already tried to avoid it but those minuscule viruses kept chasing me and finally got me!!

Ah well, more rest for me..

News flash in my wire wrapping world:

Lately I made little earrings! And they got tinier each time!! I ended up with tiny tiny heart studs! Finally I made something that I'd wear myself. If you're like me and like to wear tiny studs/hoops over those big attention seekers, make sure you watch my store cause I'll be listing them soon in my ArtFire Studio!



  1. Hi!
    Wish you will be OK soon enough! Drink a lots of water ya.
    See you around.

  2. thanks, lunaticg! i already feel better now.. i had lots of sleep and vitamins :D

    nice to meet you ^^