Friday, January 30, 2009


My beloved and I came from two different worlds.
I came from a place where it's sunny all year long and he came from a place with one of the coldest winter.
I'm yellow and he's white.
I'm a social butterfly and he's having a hard time in a crowd.
We even live in a complete opposite timezones.
Same hour but his PM is my AM the next day.
But somehow we met in a very unexpected way and we've been a great couple ever since.

Our souls are intertwined.

This necklace was made as a symbol of our relationship. Made with love, Warm and Cold, different but perfect together as one.

I love you, baby.

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  1. That is just beautiful. Hope you and Zera stay together for a very long time ^_^

  2. awww.. thank you, gabi, for the good wish! ^3^