Monday, May 4, 2009

Fabric Bangles; Bring Fun to Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

On a visit to my aunt's house, I took a look at her Mode Books and I saw these bangles worn on the runway and I immediately fell in love. Once we got into her office, I started digging on her scrap fabric bags and brought home 2 big bags of them! Here I show you my interpretation to it. These were fun to make! Twisting, knotting, sewing, and beading. All by moi. I got a little excited and finished my first 2 sets within hours!

About my aunt, she has a sewing company with high profile clients. These women only use high quality fabric that sometimes can run about hundreds of dollars per meter. So these are very high quality fabric left over, not just some cheap crap. There are no inserts/core/bone inside the bangles, that makes them very flexible although not stretchy. They can stretch as much as the fabric allows. Among the material used, there are Chiffon, Taffeta, Silk, Silk Sateen, Hand painted Batik (Indonesian's traditional textile), and many others. I'm glad she supports my crafts 100%. She's a regular client of my jewelry as well.

The beads I used for these fabric bangles are high quality acrylic crystals, glass beads, faux pearls, and seed beads. We'll see how far this design will take me :) Let's make this planet greener. Repurposing at best!

I love these bangles. Do you?

Find my soft sculpture fabric bangles and necklace in Popnicute Studio! And a TUTORIAL for making Fabric Bangles in PopnicuteSupplies Studio :)


  1. Those are lovely! I've seen felted bangles, but not fabric ones before. Great idea!