Friday, May 22, 2009

Top 9 Featured Friday 05/22

1. Raver
2. Origami
3. Premium
4. Garden
5. Amethyst
6. Sunshower
7. Alien
8. Hippie
9. Triangles

Pick a favorite for this week, leave a comment with link to your ArtFire Studio to be featured next Friday :)


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  2. Kay I loved the featured items...your blog looks so pretty too..

  3. I love those lampwork beads! Everything is great tho! not sure which is which in your 1- 9 list!
    my shop

  4. Can't get the post to the triangle earrings to bring up the cart. How do you do that? Good job!

    My favorite is the lampwork bead, but I don't think I'd want to wear it for fear it would break.

    I bet you could do something with it, though! :)


  5. It brings up the Cart for me, Alisun. You only need to click on the image on this spotlight. the text links will bring you to their artfire listings. :P

    btw, Bev, you removed the wrong comment, lol.

  6. RAVER! followed by Hippie and Sunshine. I love fashion that make heads turn! MY FAV! All the peices were gorgeous! Great pic's!

  7. ShallowCreekCraftsMay 22, 2009 at 10:40 AM

    I love the Amethyst. Kind of reminds me of the Victorian Era. Very nice.

  8. The garden bracelet is gorgeous! love all the various beads.

    And the Alien beads are a hoot...they are on my hot list!

    Nice looking blog..wish mine was as inviting to look at! Good job!

  9. I love the sunshower bead, because I'd like to know how she did that! lol Very nice choices, all of them ;)

  10. sorry, forgot my shop name:

  11. What a nice collection!

    I really like the origami earrings. Origami amazes me, and even more so when it's done so tiny!

    I love the look and feel (oh yeah, and content) of your blog!

  12. My favorite for the week is the triangles--what a great pair of earrings--I love the wire work design, and the stones--what a great mixture of textures!

  13. Duh! Forgot my link--another senior moment-LOL

  14. I like Garden, the bracelet has not only beautiful colors also different shapes that complement the whole jewel.

    Andrea W.