Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I've been away for a while..

Some people might already informed that I was on a vacation with my fiance.. hehe.. He's visiting for 2.5 months so I might not be online as much in the next 2 months. lol.

So we went to Bali where one of my close friends got a wedding party to celebrate. She's married to an American Navy guy and just got the chance to visit Indo again after 5 years (been married for 4 years). They selected a place in Nusa Dua, Bali, as a place for their Christian blessing with a reception to follow. This would be the first time her hubby visited Indo. He was a nice guy and could talk some words in Indonesian. Fun!

Silly me, I was feeling overwhelmed by the packing routine and that I had to buy a dress in last minutes that I didn't bring any of my jewelry with me besides a couple of earrings and a bracelet. Darn me.. Especially since Bali is such a place to wear many layers of jewelry! And I got to meet many old friends, supposedly a good place to promote my jewelry too, right? Oh well..

Many pictures on my facebook.

btw, got me a new iMac right before our vaca. Love it!! iPhoto 09 is great! I can't believe I can edit the colors and everything on it and it's almost as good as Photoshop. maybe not as advanced, but really enough for photo editing for sure! That program rocks! Also I could upload my pictures straight to facebook from iPhoto. I think it automatically resized my pics as well. hurrah! (I hadn't figured the photo editing ability when I posted these pictures. So they were uploaded as is from my camera.)

Anyway, I'm back! And it was a great vacation :)

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