Thursday, January 28, 2010

Handmade Steampunk Valentine Gifts

Steampunk has found a niche market for itself. It's a rather fascinating trend that's a mixed between Industrial and Victorian style. Brass, watch parts, lace, are several of its main ingredients. Whether if you're a hardcore Steampunk lover or just an admirer, here are several cool gift ideas for a Steampunk Valentine. Valentine is not always about sappy romance and glistening red hearts, right? ;)

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Today's Featured Studios:
- RockLove
- FantasyClay
- edmdesigns
- Antige
- SilverLeafCostumes
- Cyb3rburn
- damselinthisdress
- cuteartworld
- WilsonGraphics


Pick a favorite and leave a comment with link to your Artfire Studio to be included on the next featuring.

All items have been submitted to Vote Handmade and Twitter as well :) Vote please!


  1. Thanks for including me! All the items look great.

  2. Thanks for including my Clockwork earrings - you have great taste, I've oogled most of these steampunk artists before :) They do great work, and so do you!

  3. you are most welcome. you created great items that made me want to feature! <3

  4. Nice selection! I offer some steampunk inspired things in my shop, though admittedly they are not nearly as steamy as the things listed here. I am in awe.

  5. I saw some of your recent jewelry that you posted on a forum and liked them so much I thought I'd check out your blog, and sure enough... its awesome.

  6. A little after the fact, but a giant THANK YOU for including our Steampunk Raven Cuff in your post. All of your picks are absolutely wonderful - keep up the great work!

    Love - Ricky and Teresa

  7. I love your work and your blog is wonderful - love that you share other artists' work and help promote them.

    I have given you an award! For details, see my latest blog post: