Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look What Came in the Mail Yesterday!!

I got two packages I've been waiting for a while to come and finally they're here! The first one is this awesome package from Melissa Vess. Her gorgeous lampwork beads are in exceptional quality. The pictures really didn't do any justice. I'm in love with every one of them :D I don't think I'm ready to part from them yet. hahaha. Btw, Melissa is having 20% off sale in her shop, Go check them out, you won't be disappointed. Craving for more is a big possibility ;)

The second one was a package of Kumihimo foam disk from Sue. She bought me this disk on her expense after she heard I was using a wooden one. This foam disk is really nice indeed. Much better than the wooden one i bought and it doesn't make my fingers cramping out. I can get even tension because the threads didn't slide around. I immediately tried to make a braid from the booklet enclosed with the disk. I managed to finish 3" of it before I messed up. I tried to "unbraid" it by reversing the steps but somehow I couldn't do it as well as the first time and it got tangled instead >:( Out of frustration, I unbraided it all through and through but then I couldn't remember what was my color coordination that i managed to get the beautiful pattern that i liked T_T Now I'm still in the process of rediscovering the pattern. Been braiding-unbraiding for like 6 times already and still didn't find it. Hope 7th times a charm *crosses fingers* Sue is a really nice person. Go check her shop if you want some Kumihimo goodness!

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my beads and my sale!! Your designs are always so amazing... I am honored that you like my beads!!!