Saturday, March 28, 2009

What A Sad Day It Has Been went offline for good :'(

MangaRevolution was a website dedicated for 2D art, mainly in Manga form. In years it was online, it evolved to a better place where it was dedicated to teach. It has its own Digital Art Tutorial section that was seperated from the members gallery. A lot of great and free tutorials had been submitted by the members, including myself, as our contributions to the lovely community.

What MR meant to me:
Well, it practically changed my life the way it is now. I met great friends, ~augustc4, the founder, was the reason I started drawing again. He was the every reason I got to where I am now. I think he probably doesn't even know how much changes he brought into my life. From long line of commissions, friendships, and finally a fiance whom I love so much.
If he never had approached me and offered his friendship and website (MR) to me, I'd never be half as successful as I am today and would probably end up alone. I hope ~augustc4 will keep in touch with us. Even tho I had never really be a part of MR v.2 (I was really active on the v.1), but it always had had a special place in my heart. Like a rooting stone for me. Just as long as it's there, I'd always have a place to call "home" and meet my friends.. but now it's gone... :( I guess I never realized how much it meant to me until it was gone. This time, F O R E V E R.. It was the kind of website you thought would be there forever in a million years.

I just hope all of my friends will keep posting in AA Forum where we all can mingle and keep in touch with each other.

A copy of the founder's last journal in MR.

The MR chatroom was packed with people today, to countdown the hours until MR went offline for good. It's really nice to get people again in the long abandoned chatroom but in the other hand, everyone felt the same, that they lost a piece of their hearts. MR as a community, was really tight. Everyone was helping each other. It was a place to grow, to laugh, to be random, to be yourself. Farewell MangaRevolution. It was great while it lasted. We will never forget you.

A 'fun' thing we did in the chatroom to mark this historical date.

Fiance and I were on webcam.

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