Thursday, March 5, 2009

Steampunk Squid

Not sure if this is qualified as "steampunk" yet but it does kinda look like that i think.

Anyway, i'm happy with this!! :D The focal bead is huge, 1" in diameter. Don't know what the stone is, possibly Jade. Maybe someone here knows the name?

I used a rose design as "rivets" on the left and right side. I didn't mean to make a squid but I guess my subconscious lead me to make one as I've been thinking of squids lately (there's a cephalopod challenge going on in a jewelry forum) I even subconsciously made 8 "tentacles". They were meant to be 7 but I punched the first hole not right in the middle. so 8 it is :D

When I showed it to my fiance, as he loves steampunk so much, he yelled "it's a squid!" and then I saw "the squid" image. Funny how our minds work sometimes.. Really, it took a life of its own but I'm happy with the result. I even consider it to be a reoccurring theme in my gallery :) Gotta love Steampunk!

Buy it right here right now :D


  1. Kay, this is very nice and unique.
    Love your work.

  2. Very gorgeous - love the colours and your photo composition Kay.

  3. This is quite pretty.

    It looks more Arts and Crafts to me, which is really just a more stylized Victorian, so not completely incompatible with steampunk....

  4. Kay, I really LOVE this necklace - I have first seen it on and already thought awwwww...

    The colours go so well together - what stone/ bead did you use?


  5. Misa, it's possibly Soo Chow Jade but i'm not sure my self :) the bead shop had local name for it and i didn't know what is it in english. lol