Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wooley Creek Native Indian Jewelry and Accessories

Wooley Creek specializes in Native American beadwork and crafts. She has been beading since 1990 and you can find her at Powwows and Flea Markets to sell her crafts and Vintage Native American Jewelry together with her husband. You will be surprised on how cheap their products are. She certainly asks less than what they're worth, imo. Like those tiny mocasin earrings are only for $5 a pair. OMG! I know, huh? The pink version is also available for sale. The tiny Concho Pouch is only for $4 and it's made of genuine leather! Many of her intricate beadwork jewelry are only around $7-20 mark. Very very affordable with great designs and colors! You don't wanna miss this store! I'd feature everything in her store if i could <3

More of her beadwork..

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  1. Lovely Blog! Thank you so much for the feature!