Saturday, September 26, 2009

ArtFire is Now Free for All!

Yes you heard it right. ArtFire now offers unlimited listings for Basic Accounts. As Basic Account holders, you can list everything you have for free, no listing fee, no final sales fee. This promotion is good since today, September 26, 2009 although the promotion is for the month of October.

Here is the sign up page.

ArtFire Gives Away Free Unlimited Listings for the Shopping Season

Everyone gets free unlimited listings for the holidays on

Tucson, AZ – ArtFire has just announced that they will be giving away unlimited listings completely free for all sellers during the holiday season. This means that everyone can sell and list as many items as they wish for absolutely no cost or fees.

When they first launched, ArtFire revolutionized the handmade marketplace by making it completely free for users to sell online. Site members were able to list and sell up to 12 items at any point on the site, and could have unlimited listings with customizable features for the flat rate of $12/month. However, due to the current economic situation and the upcoming holiday season, ArtFire has decided to remove this 12 item limit for the shopping season, giving everyone on the site the option to list unlimited items for sale.

To make things even easier for sellers, ArtFire has also launched the Etsy Importer, allowing members to import all of their Etsy listings onto ArtFire quickly and easily. To help manage these imported listings, ArtFire is allowing free access for the month of October to their Global Product Editor, which gives sellers the chance to make batch edits to hundreds of products in their inventory at once.

“Regardless of marketplace or venue we’ve found that sellers who list more items have a much greater success online,” said Tony Ford, COO of ArtFire. “We want to give everyone the chance to be successful, and free unlimited listing will help our artisans obtain more sales during the fourth quarter.”

“Many of our sellers are concerned about the shopping season due to economic issues, and cannot afford to promote and advertise as they had last year,” said John Jacobs, CEO of ArtFire. “This Holiday Free for All will allow them to sell more items than ever before completely free.”

This Holiday Free for All Promotion is the first ever of its kind, and expected to completely change the craft marketplace.

For more information, please contact:

Tony Ford, COO
ArtFire Inc.
This is the greatest thing since the internet! Don't miss your train, sign up now!


Why bother with verified anymore if I can list unlimited items as a basic member?

If you like what you get in ArtFire and thinking of getting more benefits, you can pay the membership's flat rate fee for $12/month, also no listing and final sales fee. With Pro (formerly known as Verified) Accounts , you will get the following:
  1. +1 search weighting (verified members always win a relevancy contest where the tie is with a basic member)
  2. The Facebook Kiosk (worth $12/month all by itself by monetizing your fan page)
  3. Coupon codes and gift certificates
  4. Free featured spots for every verified member on the category, trend and gift guide pages (randomly selected)
  5. Artisan Guilds
  6. Artifacts
  7. Sticky Cart
  8. Global Product Editor
  9. Multiple quantity listings (which is great. every time a product of multiple quantities sold, it will get relisted to the front page! Less work for sellers :) )
  10. Fully customizable colors and layouts for the Fusion Studio
  11. The Gallery on your Fusion Studio
  12. Larger Super banner
  13. Advanced Artisan Bio with multiple pictures and links
  14. Studio widgets capability for ads, video, or other html and flash widgets
  15. 10 pictures instead of 4 on items.
  16. No advertising in your studio or items.
  17. No promotion of other (verified) sellers items on your item listings.
  18. Up to 99 studio categories

Those mentioned above are Pro only benefits. If you're interested of becoming a Pro Member, please kindly mention popnicutesupplies as your referral :)


A little more Q&A: 

How can ArtFire offer free unlimited listings to everyone?

Charging for a listing has been a staple of e-commerce since the late 90's. However the model is out of date, its costs next to nothing to host a listing. Why should a website charge you to put unique advertising content on their website?

Why would ArtFire do this?

ArtFire believes in artisans in the community. Time and time again they've seen that the single most common factor in a successful online businesses is that they list a lot of items. They want to remove barriers to your success, even if that means free unlimited listings for everyone. They believe that the real benefits of being a pro member go beyond unlimited listing. With the time saving promotional and management tools, tie breakers, benefits and more, why shouldn't they give new sellers the best chance of being successful.

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