Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After the glamorous ArtFire Kiosk launching, now ArtFire has launched a new feature just for Verified Members. Coupon Code is another great addition to follow the success of ArtFire Kiosk!

Here's the quote of the official newsletter or Coupon Code release.


ArtFire is proud to announce the release of our new Coupon Code system. This innovative system gives verified members the ability to create customized coupon codes with dozens of configurations and distribute via multiple channels with just the click of a mouse. The new system allows you to create coupons with incentives like percentage off, dollar amount off, free shipping and or free gifts. You can choose to apply these incentives over the entire range of your offerings, from your entire studio right down to the individual item level.

No more refunding your buyers after checkout when running a sale, with the new ArtFire Coupon Codes offering a sale is quick and easy! Along with the new coupon codes we also added the ability to offer Gift Certificates. You can now create gift certificates for exclusive use in your shop and email them right to the recipient. This means you can also list and sell gift certificates during the holiday season and beyond.

The coupon code launch comes right on the heels of the new ArtFire Facebook Kiosk. This new application allows verified sellers on ArtFire to add your customized fusion studio as a tab on your personal Profile and business Fan page(s). Sellers can now easily pair some of the best features at ArtFire.com. For example you might offer a "Facebook exclusive coupon" that can be used during a no account required checkout through your ArtFire Kiosk, to create leading edge promotion and exposure opportunities.

In the First week of rolling out the new Facebook Kiosk there have been over 3,000 Kiosks put up and reports of member sales increasing! We hope to see similar results with the Coupon Codes and will say that of all the features we have released none have been in higher demand than Coupon Codes. With unique new features we continue to grow the ArtFire community and our member's sales continue to grow as well. In August we saw record site traffic of over 1.7 million unique visitors and major advancements in SEO indexing on search engines!

At ArtFire we believe that innovation is the key to long term success. We strive everyday to keep our sellers on the cutting edge of what is possible in the age of e-commerce.

ArtFire’s focus on innovation and powerful management tools allows you to focus more of your time on running your business and building your brand. Thank you for allowing us to work with you, we look forward to many more successes with you.
I have personally used this feature and my buyer was able to use the coupon code smoothly! No more delayed paypal refunds!

Click here to read all about creating and managing your coupons

You can get to your coupon management screen here

You can get to the coupon creation screen here

Just want to say I'm glad i choose the right venue to sell! :D
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