Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ArtFire Now Accepts Amazon Payments

Today's good news for ArtFire sellers! ArtFire has integrated Amazon Payments as one of the payment options. The bad news is that Amazon Payments currently only accepts US residents as members but we heard that they're working on opening their market for international members as well. So let's wait and see! :D

Read the news below as quoted from ArtFire community letter.


Today we completed the integration of Amazon Payments, ArtFire’s newest payment option. Every U.S. based artisan can now set up and accept Amazon Payments along with PayPal, Google Checkout, Revolution Money Exchange, and of course check and money order.

Over 88 million people are currently registered with Amazon Payments and are familiar and comfortable with their payment process. With this integration all of those 88 million members familiar with Amazon Payments become your potential customers. Our goal at ArtFire is to give you and your customers as many options as possible so that each artisan has the tools to make their business successful.

This new payment option comes on the heels of the release of the breakthrough Facebook Kiosk and our Coupon Code system. After these two releases we have watched the average daily sales on ArtFire double. Kiosks and Coupons partner perfectly as seller tools. We have been very excited now to witness the incredible results for our artisans first hand. These features come in time for the busy holiday season ahead. If you haven’t tried out our Facebook Kiosk application or coupon codes there’s no time like the present. With help guides full of pictures and rapid response customer support, we’re ready to help you launch your business into the fourth quarter and beyond.

We have a lot more on the horizon for our artisans. Rest assured that if a feature or function will help you sell, open up new markets or give you access to new customer bases we will be working on making that feature or function a part of the Artfire platform.

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