Friday, August 28, 2009

ArtFire Kiosk for Facebook

After the great Rapid Cart, now ArtFire has come with another ground breaking marketing tools!

Introducing: ArtFire Kiosk.

What is ArtFire Kiosk?
Shop for items and checkout through without ever leaving Facebook. | No Account Needed | Encrypted Secure Checkout.

Sounds awesome huh?

As described above, ArtFire Kiosk is an application for Facebook, like Etsy Mini only WAY much better! The application can be installed in BOTH of your personal AND fan pages! It's like having another outlets without having to manage yet another accounts! ArtFire Kiosk will show all of your items and buyers can buy straight from Fracebook. They do not need to register to purchase anything as long as they have Paypal or major credit cards, they're good to go. I know several people already got sales from it so it's definitely working!

This is another reason to join ArtFire and/or Facebook if you haven't yet! This awesome feature is exclusively for Verified Members of ArtFire. If you're seeking to upgrade your account, click here. Kindly mentioned "popnicutesupplies" as your referral member.

Install ArtFire Kiosk Now

How to Install ArtFire Kiosk on Facebook

See It on My Fan Page

As of September 9, 2009 ArtFire has tied the facebook kiosk into Google Analytics. You should be able to see some indication of traffic there now via your existing GA account. They are working on a tie in with the Artfire server side stats as well.

Sounds great to me!

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